Everdell + microadds + Spirecrest + New Leaf + Pearlbrook
Zestaw zawiera:
8sztPlayer containerContainer for meeples. The containers overlap in the insert. They are taller as they act as a closure for the containers below. Capacity 6 meeples + rabbit + frog Elements for 15 races in set (
3sztContainer for player meeples (short)Player containers placed at the bottom of the insert. Same functionality and capacity as the taller containers.
1sztTriple top closing the containerThe element closing the triple row of 15 player containers
5sztContainers for resourcesOval bottom containers for easy removal of elements
1sztLarge card holderThe container has compartments. We suggest that you keep large cards in a special container placed in our tree (not included in this set).
1sztSmall card holderContainer with compartments Holds t-shirt cards
1sztContainer for tokensContainer profiled for elements made of additives Map and market tiles, etc.
1sztHousing with compartmentsDesign element with compartments for a wheelbarrow and a resource container
6sztA wheelbarrow for the players resourcesA wheelbarrow to hold resources during the game. Additional elements not required by the game or its elements. In the case of the full set of Everdell, Winter Peak, Summer Festival, Pearl Brook, we s
2sztContainer with compartmentsContainer for other elements. When folded (top + bottom) with a container without dividers, it can hold a deck of large cards
1sztContainer without compartmentsOn the other elements
3sztContainers for small tokensA value of 1 coins and a closed mink token A lockable container with a display that facilitates the game.
3sztLarge coin holderCoins with value of 3. A lockable container with a display that facilitates the game.

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