Everdell tree PremiumElement of the board
A foldable, durable tree with elements that facilitate the game. We say NO to Flat Earth!
Zestaw zawiera:
4sztSwings for event cardsElements holding event cards vertically, suspended under the tree crown, along with a place to place a meepel performing the action. In the set on one board with the back part of the tree
2szt18 / 5 000 Wyniki tłumaczenia Tree constructionThe structural part to which additional elements are mounted
1sztLarge tree crownHorizontal element for arranging event cards with the possibility of assembling swings and a market
1sztThe crown of the tree is smallAn element to hold meeples still waiting for its season. Autumn space enlarged to facilitate multiplayer games.
10sztTwigsTwigs connecting the tree limb to the leaves Decorative element.
8sztLeavesLeaves add charm to the tree
3sztCrown with the seasonsAcrylic elements printed with the names of the seasons. Main crown and side leaves for spring and autumn.
1sztFixing the marketElements for fixing the market on a tree with a large swing on a meeple
1sztMarket spaceA flat acrylic space replacing a market
1sztMarket housesAn element that enlarges the market and separates both of its places (functionalities)
1sztCard holderA container that allows you to permanently keep the game cards in the tree. It has a convenient closure.
1sztAssembly instruction

Dostępność: Dostępne na zamówienie. Czas realizacji około 7 dni.

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